She said she’d like it to snow

I’m in shoe whore heaven. HEAVEN! I’m surrounded by 4 pairs of shoes. SIGH. Actually, 2 pairs get sent back. I ordered 2 pairs of hiking boots and 2 pairs of walking shoes. The New Balance felt cheap and uncomfortable which surprised me, I thought they’d be good. They also seem to be made to fight pronation (rolling in towards the middle) and since I supinate (walk on the out edge of my foot) something fierce I need shoes that discourage that rather than encourage it. The Vasque walking shoes feel great and are very comfortable when I walk. So Vasque stays, the New Balance goes.
Also got 2 pairs of hiking boots. The keen thing about feet as small as mine is that even the most inelegant shoe looks cute! The first pair of hiking boots were super cute and blue! YAY! But, they did not fit well and I could tell I would get blisters all over my heels. Sad for a few seconds since I liked the blue ones but I know enough to know that even if they aren’t pretty I need to go for the most comfortable, durable, safe boots. Besides, they’re killer cute on me!
So hooray for boots!
Ghengis cut his foot right by where his toenail comes out. I never saw it. I never saw it until it got infected. Sigh. Dogs are supposed to be cheaper than kids, right? pffffft! Another $85 to the vet. He cleaned Ghengis’ foot, wrapped it in a booty and sent me away with 2 kinds of pills and some cream. He almost didn’t see the cut either, but assured me it was very common with dog parks. WHAT THE HELL! The dog park is always making ghengis sick. Sad thing is that he’s all tired and mopey and not wanting to play. So we just cuddle and I tell him what a good dog he is. Maddie, of course, is sad that I am not paying as much attention to her.
hmmm anything else? I made udon/miso soup last night. So good. I love miso in the most unhealthy way possible. I don’t know if udon goes with miso but the soup was…comfort.
People, I’m an evil stepsister looking for a Cinderella to slap around. Any takers?