You know what cures strep throat? Hot pot bibimbop! That’s right, tasty Korean food. Of course your dinner companion has to be someone who notices the convection currents in his soup.
So there you have it, Korean food and science nerds and suddenly the whole world seems brighter.
And, on a brighter note, 36 hours ago I had a doctor threatening to lock me up in a hospital and jam a tube down my throat. I think that every case that requires hospitalization should have a related number of pills that you can take to avoid it. Yesterday I had to take 11 pills to keep me out of the hospital, if you had to go in for say heart surgery there might be 187 pills that you would have to take. Day surgery would only be like 53 pills. See, medical science needs to catch up and make pills to solve everything. That way, those of us who never ever want to have to stay in the hospital won’t have to! This is me, always thinking.