scriiiiitch scraaaatch

The ring on my left hand ring finger is making me itch. Scratch…scratch…it’s getting red. could be my skin is dry, could be a reaction to the ring.
Or maybe, possibly…it could be that it’s a $.25 ring from a vending machine in the foyer of a diner. The best part about getting the ring was pumping in quarter after quarter trying to get cool things out of the machine. April kept most of the stuff, I was just charmed that this ring fit me, so I kept it.
Looks like it’s time for the world’s best eggs benedict and more vending machine shenanigans.

Low Tech Muthah

Tonight I learned how to use a sextant and I leaned what an astrolabe is.
Now I just need to get one of each and when society crumbles and the satellites fall from the sky I will be the only one able to find my way around.
GPS? I don’t need no stinkin’ GPS. It’s old school all the way, mofos!