Shoot me now

Just got back from urgent care. Damn. I have a ‘particularly aggressive’ strep infection. The doctor was worried about he getting some sort of fucked up abcess on my tonsil and wanted to admit me to the hospital. I talked him out of it and promised to take the pills.
I’m kind of stupid. Taking pills when your right tonsil looks like Salvadore Dali’s golf ball isn’t just hard work, it’s torure. I had to take 2 steroid pills, 1 giant antibiotic, 1 giant pain killer. All of these things are to be taken on a full belly as they will upset your belly. It hurts so fucking much to eat, i barely downed the little hash brown i cooked up. I took my pills, whimpering the whole time.
Twenty minutes later, cue me running to the bathroom to throw it all up. I have to go do the whole process over now, try to eat, swallow the pills only this time I dont want to throw up, but I also know how much it hurts to take these pills. I’m avoiding.
Managed to eat Malt-o-Meal and that was enough to keep the pills down. Tried to nap, but Ghengis decided he needed to pee every 20 minutes. Highlight was when Alan brought me ice cream after work. Please click the link, go to his website and leave comments telling him to update more often.
my mind is all wandering stupid on painkillers (PainKillaZ yo!). gonna put my head down.