Holy Crap!

So last night Mark and I go to dinner then go back to his place to hang out and catch up. I brought my laptop so I could get my email and whatnot.
It was a giggly good time. Actually, Mark doesn’t giggle, but I do. It was so good to just hang out with him, no plans or activities or running around, just hanging out.
Unfortunately, all my previous running around and his long days at work caught up with us. We were exhausted. Sigh, I wish I could travel like other people, with the constant excitement and siteseeing, but whatever. We needed calm and we got calm. Nice. Very nice.
When I went to bed last night I took the 853,769 pillows on my bed and made a nest. Good move, I slept really well. Bad move, I slept through the alarm and overslept. I don’t feel to bad about it though. I’ve been to DC, I’ve seen the sites many times, I don’t feel bad if I miss a few.
Mark and I are going to lunch today, Indian food! Later I’ll hit the mall and visit the aquarium and the natural history museum. Then dinner with another friend.