Day 2!!!

(! = for real this time)
So today I look at 4.8 million townhouses. It was exciting. I thought I had the best place picked out before I got here, but the realtor had 3 more properties for me to look at and suddenly there was an angelic ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ from the sky and a seriously freaky sunray shining on my head (could have been the massive amounts of coffee, but I prefer to believe that in was the sky). Now I have 3 favorites, each one has some major pro’s and some minor cons. I have some decisions to make.
My current favorite has an entire master suite with it’s own bathroom and everything. Also on a very quiet street with a boulevard. Also also the most expensive of them all, but I’m playing with the numbers and I think it’s completely doable. Wooo!
Today is all !!!!!!!! for real and fun.
Then I got to DC and let’s see…lunch, nap, fighting with internet access.
Mark got completely lost in the rain trying to find my hotel, but we managed to find each other. So good to see him again (but he needs to eat a sandwich or something, he’s skinny as hell). We had some sushi and now he won’t let me smoke on his balcony. Sigh.
Now I’m chilling on his futon watching Sealab 2021 and watching him clean his place (once again, he knew for weeks that I was coming to visit and he waits to clean).
Tomorrow, he’s taking me to lunch and I’m going siteseeing. Need to get batteries for the camera, though. Dinner with the awesomest guy in the district, he’s better have a good excuse for not updating his website.
ps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!