Who missed me?

My party animal of a puppy missed me.
I’m home, exhausted, starving, headachy, and happy. I’m glad to be home, I miss my friends, though. Back to work tomorrow, going to work would seem a drag, but really, it’s where I unwind after vacations! Work is almost like a vacation from my life!
Of course, if you’re my boss and reading this you should interpret that as “Working for my boss is such a joy that i feel I should be allowed to do it for free!”


14th and Mass, crying like a baby, saying goodbye to someone very special. You forget that there are people willing to go out of their way, to inconvenience themselves, to be kind to you. The generosity of others is something that sticks with you longer than anything.
My ride will be here soon, I don’t think it has ever been so hard to walk away from a city before.