1992 called

Yeah, so 1992 called and they want my musical happiness back.
The songs on repeat in the car this week are both by Stone Temple Pilots. WTF??
The first is Plush and the other is Sex Type Thing!!!
But this is what happened. I picked up an iPod cheap off eBay and started dumping music on it. I was throwing all kinds of things on there and figured I might want a blast from the past so I hit it with some old college days material. It’s good for nostalgia. So I’ve got it in the car (special thanks to Jenni for letting me borrow her FM transmitter!!!) and Plush comes on. Shit, this is a good rock out with your cock out kind of song! I’m brought back to being 19, rocking out, having a good time!
Yeah, I listend to STP, saw them in concert too, I ain’t too proud to admit it and now, many years later, I’m listening to it all over again.
Man, I’m like Posty McPostalot!


It just keeps coming, seems I’m the drop window for the bizarre comment this week…
1) Most people are alone and unamused with themselves, you’re alone and amused with yourself. You’re one of the lucky ones.
2) You’re like my new dad.
Also, I had lunch with a friend and his coworkers today. I love watching people you know from one arena hang out and interact with people from another arena! It amuses me, but then, I’m easily amused.
I was at my desk, listening to music and someone came in to talk to me. The next song came on and they said, “I didn’t know you liked Jurassic 5, you don’t seem like the type.”
What does that mean? I know that I kinda look like Whitey McWhiterson from Whitefield Park, but still, music goes beyond that. Did he expect Britney to come blaring out of the speakers? Weird, yo.


This is the best insult ever, thrown at me by one of my student workers and assuring her a place in my heart forever as one of the greatest insulters and one of the funniest people I know…
“If a singularity has not occured in the gaping black void of your heart it won’t happen over your head!”
The funny thing was that she immediately apologized and felt bad. No way! I was in hysterics, that was the best insult ever thrown at me! People call me all kinds of names and throw all sorts of hidden, sideways insults my way, but to have a straight up solid insult thrown right at me was a joy!
She also said “Stupid people shouldn’t have smart mugs”.