Adios, here we come

We leave tomorrow morning for Minnesota. Anna is getting married to a delightful young man and I am thrilled for her. Is a wonderful thing.

We have a pretty tight schedule traveling to Minnesota, but we are ambling a bit on the way back. Going to do some camping and sightseeing and, most importantly, visiting with friends and family. And we’re swinging south to Philadelphia to meet up with Pantsters. I love the Pantsters!

So, it’s all packing and cleaning and the dogs are freaking out because suitcases mean someone is leaving and I can’t tell them that they are also leaving with us. There is much anxious cuddling.

We’re staying with my mom up on Mille Lacs and will be driving in and out of the city a few times. We’re doing pancakes at the OPH, send me a message for details. Pancakes are delicious.

His and hers