White crab spiders in the UK

White crab spiders by my house!!
Crab spider on a daisy

Crab spider on a daisy

It was like my greatest David Attenborough squealy fan girl moment. It’s true. Also, there were yellowy-green crab spiders on the black-eyed susans (they matched the stem more than the blossom), weird grasshopper death (I’ll get more pictures, it was like cordyceps but in Vermont and without the crazy spore antennae), Chester got stink-bugged right in the mouth, tiny baby orb weavers on top of the tallest grasses (about my height) shooting out a thread of silk hoping to catch some wind and fly away, the cicadas only buzz once or twice in a day and no more, it’s a bit unsettling.

The mosquitoes and biting flies are completely out of control. Everywhere, they are monstrous. Fun fact: even though I get bit by the mosquitoes and flies, my skin does not react to it. When they bite, it hurts like normal, but I never get a spot or bump or itchy place. Same is true with flea bites (oh my god! Vermont has FLEAS ALL OVER) and a bee sting I got a couple years ago.

Speaking of bug bites, Chester tested positive for lyme disease. The new (awesome) vet said most dogs are asymptomatic their entire lives. He’s a super healthy little toughie, he’ll be fine.

We’re all going to be alright.