I need to take a vacation from the news

Let’s not help the poor or middle class, no! that would be terrible! We don’t want to help people who made bad decisions or were lied to or fell on hard times! No no no! That would be bad. It would be bad to help this ever increasing sector of the population. Terrible!
But instead, lets just keep tossing billions and billions at the very very tiny sector that caused this gigantic clusterfuck in the first place.
And I’m not referring solely to short selling, credit default swaps or subprime mortgage slight of hand. I’m talking about stuff that started 30 years ago or even longer.
You have a company, the people in charge want a lot of money for being in charge. They want to be paid for their ‘talent’. Everyone wants to get paid a lot of money, so I can understand the urge. The awesome thing about this, however, is that because they are in charge, they get to decide that they can make lots of money! What are ways that companies make money? They increase the price of the product or service they sell, usually by creating demand in the form of an awesome product (ice cream) or leading people to believe that they have an awesome product (budweiser). More people want this, raise the price because they will pay it and woo, profit.
This is good and fine, this is how the system works. You don’t have to pay the increased price if you don’t want because there are always alternatives (ice milk).
But these guys not only wanted to make more money, they wanted to keep as much of it as they could! Wages decreased! Wages decreased, benefits decreased, unions were fucked sideways over and over again. The cost of living continued to rise because board members and CEOs wanted to make more money, and wages steadily fell away from the incline because those same board members and CEOs wanted to keep all that money.
BUT THAT’S OKAY! because you can have this credit card and get what we say you need right now and don’t worry, you’ll be able to pay for it because the american dream promises you great wealth! It’s the american dream! and if you find yourself unable to attain the american dream it’s not because we are charging you more for things and also paying you less for the work you do, it’s because you just don’t believe! it’s your fault because you make bad bad choices!
We complain about how we’ve turned into a consumer culture but it’s much worse than that. Teenagers live in a consumer culture. Adults struggle with consumer slavery. Labor movements, unions, collective bargaining, that’s all been turned into a joke in the last 30 years. The idea that what a worker contributes in terms of time and effort affects the bottom line and should be paid in direct relation to that is dead. A guy can work at a meat packing plant and do some pretty nasty job but get paid steadily and fairly because the work he does is necessary to the function of producing the end product.
Not anymore. Now they call it ‘unskilled’ labor and pay less. Then they say they HAVE to hire illegal immigrants because americans won’t do these jobs. And in some ways they are right, most americans would not do those jobs for minimum wage or in the unsafe substandard conditions found in most plants. You get rid of the unions and the worker solidarity and it’s pretty easy to start beating people down. Who’s gonna complain that the line is moving a bit faster every day? that the foreman is speeding things to a dangerous level? You’re not going to complain because you need this job even if it is low paying because shit is just so goddammed expensive nowadays and it seems like everything needs to be replaced and you just can’t afford anything. So you keep your mouth shut.
Let us not help these people who make bad decisions and do not believe in america! These malcontents who think that they deserve health care even if they can’t afford it! These libturd pinko commies who just want want want! Want more money and better benefits and maybe not get killed at the slaughterhouse. They’re the ones that made the bad choices…Certainly the same can’t be said about the soulless bitchpuppets sucking up relief money like it was a pile of blow on a hooker’s ass!
We have to help THEM! It should be obvious to anyone you have to help those who believe in the american dream! The dream of struggling hard to be born to the right families, get the right advantages! They are the ones that worked so hard to clamber up the weakened and bloodied backs of every person that just was not them!
We must grant bonuses to the pocketcocks and whoreblind jackasses that were instrumental in this bringing about this situation in the first place. We have to reward that vision of leadership, that golden mind that thought, “it is only right and good that i get even more”. They can lay there, fat and bloated, with their mouths hanging open and we can just continue shoveling our money down their throats. They deserve it. They lived the dream.

6 thoughts on “I need to take a vacation from the news

  1. I don’t think you are allowed to call people ‘bitchpuppets’ and ‘whoreblind jackasses’ in real editorial work. I think newspapers get nervous about that!

  2. hey- since the newspapers are hurting too, they may take what they can get! a few ‘bitchpuppets’ and colorful phrases thrown around might bring in more customers!!

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