out into the world pt 2

Where’d we leave off? ah yes! Threats of entrapment, violence, laughing and passing out from exhaustion.
Ah yes, Saturday morning happens in that way that only Saturday mornings can happen. Or something.
At this point, mind and body are locked in an eternal battle with one another without realizing that they are just marionettes controlled by republican martinets who would rather continue to give giant tax cuts to giant corporations and frost this shit cake with lies about how helping big corporations helps americans because we can all use the benefits that come from wealthy guys getting to keep even more money AND continue to treat their employees like yesterday’s dog farts. (because, let’s face it, Trickle Down Economics was all sexy and stunning…until we got her home and turned on the light and saw the adams apple and before we could say a word ‘she’ punched us in the throat and shoved our cheap IKEA sofas up our collective asses.)
um yeah, got on a little tangent there, something about the RNC being in town and listening to Fred Thompson LIE WITH EVERY WORD OUT OF HIS MOUTH ABOUT WHY IT’S OKAY TO LET THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALL THE MONEY NOT PAY ANY TAXES. Strangely, I’m part of an NPR study on radio listening habits and I have to list when I listen and why I turned it off at any given time and I am not sure there is a font big enough to describe the amount of energy necessary to make the soundwaves coming out of my mouth strong enough to actually turn off my car stereo during the rebroadcast of Thompson’s Teabagging of America Speech.
As I was saying, the brain’s been doing things contrary to what the body needs because I’m a pansy liberal and I expect the state to take care of my every need while hard working Brylcreem junkies are slaving away in their offices with their giant memo pads making lists of things to request from congress next year! “how about we repeal those pesky child labor laws. Kids have boundless energy and to NOT put them to work would be like wasting one of America’s greatest untapped resources! Oh yes, and let’s see if I can get some more of those tasty government subsidies for the corn I’m producing in SUCH LARGE QUANTITIES THAT IT’S ACTUALLY DEPRESSING THE MARKETS AROUND THE WORLD AND I JUST CAN’T MAKE ENOUGH MONEY!”
Okay, you know what? I’m just going to have to wait to write about Stitches Midwest and the awesomeness of my Pantsters because it’s obvious I have problems here.
Also, the RNC and the attendant folderol can suck my emotionally unbalanced balls.
AND! David’s family survived Gustav without taking any water into the house but the sigh of relief is being held as the rivers and the bayou may continue to rise from all the subsequent rain. We shall see.

7 thoughts on “out into the world pt 2

  1. your masterful command of language and rhetoric does not make it all right for you to touch my butt.

  2. Deep cleansing breath. Just keep repeating “the bad people are gone, the bad people are gone” cause they are now, though there seems to be a lingering taint…kind of like the hungover smoked too many cigs day after mouth everyone hates to wake up to. OMG, Jay Leno has clips of RNC people dancing…just snorted tea into my sinuses…find that video and all will be well i guarantee it.

  3. Thompson’s Teabagging of America – that’s too funny! I just get a sense of awe and wonder when I see the RNC attendees cheering. How can anyone fall for that crap?

  4. I so super freaked out when the RNC was in town and I just had to leave my radio off. And the TV. It was extremely traumatizing to this pansy liberal as well. *sympathetic hugs*

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