1) The more I watch my sister plan her wedding the more I’m convinced to avoid the entire mess all together. Holy crap. HOLY CRAP! it’s like it never ends! So much for the “happiest day”! It’s like twelve pounds of stress in a sandwich baggie! Fuck flowers, fuck themes, fuck guest lists. I’m eloping to the moon. I don’t know man, I start doing a cost/benefit ratio and suddenly I’m seeing a whole lot of effort and headache in exchange for some photos and cake. I can do photos and cake on my own without that headache!
BUT as my sister’s maid of honor I have sworn an oath to uphold any decision she makes. I have sworn to be the asspabst that makes sure she gets what she wants. I am not above slipping atavan into the ham salad if it calms everyone down. Also, I promised her I would put a “kick me” sign on her ass as she reaches the altar.
2) Emily came back to MCAD!!! Well not back to MCAD proper but she’s in the movie filming on campus. Man, sometimes you just don’t realize how much you miss someone til they come back.
3) Today I helped Owen make chili. I emailed him lots of instructions and he repaid me with a bowl of awesome chili.
5) Echidnas are AWESOME

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  1. Dude, it’s true that the wedding is for the guests, not the couple. Fuck that crap, really. We’re doing a quick and dirty ceremony and my friend Twat is throwing a party. Woooo!

  2. I got married three weeks ago. There were five guests, three of which were our parents). We got married on Pebble Beach in the most perfect spot ever. We spent like $600, and I would not change one single thing. Friends literally cried when I told them I wasn’t inviting anyone, but I have a heart of stone, so I don’t care.

  3. Best Wedding:
    Halloween Night
    LasVegas – one of those chapels
    Elvis wedding! He brought me down the isle. He sang 2 songs.
    We had a blast and we are just a married as someone who had the traditional works . . .

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