it builds

ever have that day where you’re like…

  • man, I need to finish that project
  • and THAT project
  • oh my god and THAT project
  • and SHIT! Someone’s birthday
  • oh god and my yarn needs organizing
  • but I have to do the dishes
  • and vacuum
  • and go to Steven’s Point for a weekend
  • oh and Montreal!
  • And Stitches Midwest in Chicago on the absolute worst weekend for me to do anything non-work related
  • and camping
  • and get a physical
  • and an eye exam
  • and dammit! the dentist!
  • and I don’t know if I should go buy the yarn for the new project or finish up this other project
  • and I don’t want to go to work!
  • I have so much that needs to get done
  • but I would rather go to the dog park
  • crap! House buying!
  • I hate packing. can I throw everything away?
  • I hate packing. No really, I hate it.
  • so much to do and I just want to drink my coffee

6 thoughts on “it builds

  1. Ugh, yes I have had one of those days. I hope for you it doesnt turn into more than one of those days.

  2. Yes. Those days that overwhelm. I hate them. My brain can’t manage it all and I want to hide. Or knit. Hope your day gets better!!!

  3. most days are like that for this ocd person.
    also: mtl is most important on that list.

  4. Yeah, I feel that way about Stevens Point all the time. Not so much Montreal. I speak no French. But I hear the food is divine.
    I had a day like that today.
    I would love to help you pack.
    Seriously, I would.
    I have a birthday project to knit that is currently two weeks late and counting, and waiting on ONE SMALL FELTED DETAIL that I keep fucking up. I HATE THAT! I wish I weren’t so buggin’ about it.

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