HI HI HI HI HI HI!!! sshhhhhhh

Okay! Hi HI HI HI shhhhhh hi
hi it’s me chester CHESTER
I stole the fat lady’s computer and dragged it under the bed with my toy and my ropey and two socks. She is mean! My name is Chester, i have the computer!! HA HA HA HA I STOLE THE COMPUTEshhhhhhhhh
HI HI I found something out that I think is science I think. i think it is outside science but i don’t know about science the fat lady says dinosaurs are science and something about reaming quantum physics in the something with a swear but I think I found a science without dinosaurs
my name is chester I AM CHESTER!!! Hi hi hi oh my god I stole the computer and I have a science that I found and I am under the bed and I can see the fat ladys feet and and she is saying swears and I am chester and maddie is a hippo and I found science!! Hold on
I had to lick the place behind my peener. it feels better now.
oh my god guess what? I found science! oh wait I think i said that…and I said about my peener!! ha ha ha my peener has chester fur! Oh yeah, science.
okay so I was CHESTER in the yard and the yard was all snowflakes and it is the place where I pee and tell people that i own this yard and it is the place where I poop and bite Maddie and tell the person at the bus stop to GO AWAY FROM CHESTER!!!! shhhhhh
and my yard was all snow and then the next morning all the snow turned into poop!!! it’s true!!! one day i had snowflakes all over my yard and the next day there was all poops all over and it was just poops! the whole thing was poops and I think they were all
OH MY GOD that place behind my peener!!!!
oh, yeah, poops!! can you believe it? I couldn’t I wanted to believe it because my name is chester and that is the thing that was there it was a whole yard of poops and all the poops were mine!! the SNOW turned into my POOP!!! I told Maddie and I told the man next door but he didn’t care and so I told him again and again I said “MY NAME IS CHESTER AND THIS IS MY YARD AND MY YARD HAS MAGIC POOP THAT IS MINE AND USED TO BE SNOW BUT IS NOW MY POOP!!!”
and it was the best thing ever or I am not chester!!! and then this morning! this morning the poops turned back into snow!!
I heard the fat lady and funny man say the magic was called “thawing” and they sounded sad. I think they are sad because it was not their poop! I bet they wanted their poop out there but I won because my name is CHESTER and the snow is my poop! I haven’t seen my poop in other places where there was snow but there was this smell that was like a girl dog pee except it was like a girl dog pee that was not maddie. I like to bite maddie! she has a head like a MADDIE!!!! have you ever bited Maddie! it’s like biting a toy except she will knock you over.
oh no! I think the fat lady knows I have her computer and I have to hurry because my name is chester and I no science and I will get a peanut butter and
I have to lick again
ooohhhh CHESTER

9 thoughts on “HI HI HI HI HI HI!!! sshhhhhhh

  1. :0) Way to go Chester!!! Magic poop is what life is all about! Hope the itchy spot is okay now….

  2. somehow reading all umptybillion pages of that inappropriate-image thread on Ravelry led me here, where I am apparently going be stuck for all time because i CANNOT STOP LAUGHING LONG ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING EVER. yeesh.

  3. oh, oh, oh i so cannot breathe for laughing…hold on…
    chester you know you are the best ever. emma wants you to know she has magic snow too, waaaaaay too much of it in the back yard, but that somehow thin mint ice cream makes the bringers of food and scratches not care about it so much.
    oh gosh i think i have to go breathe into a bag…

  4. Chester…you are the best! My sons were on the floor laughing, and even Sparkythewonderchihuahua was impressed.
    Keep bloggin’ dude, we love your style.

  5. Ho. Ly. Crud.
    I am giggling uncontrollably in my cube! People are thinking I’m crazy(er).

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