I know! I owe!

I know I owe the rest of the story about the yarn fest and all that. I’m getting there! I’ve been busy!
1) Working on the Bubbo Designs website. Trying to get the first few patterns and tutorials written up so I will have some actual content when I go live.
1a) I am deeply and madly in love with Anna and her mad dinosaur design skillz
2) Spending a lot of time researching ADM, Monsanto and high fructose corn syrup. It’s like I do this on purpose to get myself all riled up! You know how I get really angry at quantum physics? This is worse.
2a) Finally had to stop eating meat. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. I cannot contribute to a system that makes a profit by abusing animals. Factory farming and feedlots are shameful.
2b) I’ll still eat meat at your house, I am the most pleasant house guest ever.
2c) I’m cool with happy, pasture raised meat, but it’s hard to source your meat so I am just avoiding it all together.
3) I’ve started an advice column on Ravelry. It’s a weekly column and I think it’s doing well
3a) I’ve also started a ravelry group in my pants. This group leaves me little to no time for anything else on ravelry.
3b) I also dispense advice in the group
3c) I am also their public confessor. I listen to them and assign ways for them to absolve themselves
3d) I also have to assign a different task to each new member. It is not easy coming up with unique tasks for all of them.
3e) I adore all the people in my pants
4) my car was dangerously low on gas this morning but I did not have time to stop and get gas so I put some of the lawnmower gas in my car, you know, the stuff in the red jug. I’m not sure where that puts me on the clever/retarded/lazy spectrum. I got gas after work.
5) I Am Legend was really kind of scary.
6) I’m working hard to deal with the behavior of another person. It isn’t something that affects me, but I find the implications about their personality very upsetting.
7) For a while now I have been working on learning the Noble Eightfold Path. I am not a spiritual person and I am not doing this because I am buddhist or anything like that. I’m just trying to be less of an asshole. I want to limit my impact on the world and on the people around me and on the space I fill. I very much want any impact I leave to be positive or at least neutral. So in some ways it’s a way for me to really think about how my actions affect far reaching things, like the meat issue. If I buy meat from a place that abuses the animals in a horrific way, then I am supporting that idea and that activity.
The Right Thought and Right Intention steps are very good for me. I try not to judge people (except for ADM and Monsanto), I try to think through my actions, I try to remind myself of the good in people.
I like the Eightfold Path because it isn’t a do or die thing. It’s not a pass/fail. you just continue to work on it every day. you learn from the effort, not the final result.
8) blah blah blah I talk too much about stuff
9) I know you guys like when Chester posts, but he scratches up my keyboard and gets dog hair everywhere.