Stupid guys acting like smart guys but being stupid guys

Friday I’m all “wooo look at me! working my way up the smart ladder!”, I finished the Friday NYT crossword on my own, looking up no answers and only asking David for the Spanish word for ‘step’. (fyi: syndicated NYT crossword puzzles are 6 weeks behind the actual publication, except for Sunday puzzles which are only 1 week behind). Ha Ha! I finished a Friday all on my own! Feeling all smart and awesome.
Then this morning I go to do the Saturday LA Times puzzle online and dammitall! that sucked! Now I know Saturday puzzles are harder, but this was absurd. 37 Across “It may be activated during a thunderstorm”…STREETLIGHT!!! Streetlight? 54 Across “Encourages”…Animates? what the fuck? 23 Across “A gourmet Scandinavian Import”…Danish Bacon. I looked it up….it’s just bacon, bacon made in Denmark. 36 Across “Is currently employed” …Rewires. Oh…ha ha I see a play on electric current and wires….except it makes no sense grammatically.
grumble dammit. And David was working on some old NYT’s that were absurdly hard and obtuse as well. I love a hard crossword as much as the next guy but a psychotic crossword created by a criminally insane mastermind is just too much!

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