HI HI HI HI HI again!

Hi! My name is chester. I am chester. me, chester….snuffle snuffle
Okay the fat lady, she’s been all busy! She’s busy, I don’t go outside as often OUTSIDE oh my god I love going outside because I can tell people what my name is and I can poop and…oh…right
So, the fat lady is busy, but not with me.Me. CHESTER! She’s gonna post soon.
Then I can go outside. I love outside! I tell everyone my name and I make sure they know to stay away from my yard because it’s my yard and it’s mine and sometimes maddie’s
Maddie looks like a hippo! And when I am outside I poop. and I walk
and outside I was doing things and did you know that no three snowflakes smell exactly alike! this is true or my name isn’t chester! OH MY GOD my name is chester. I was smelling 3 snowflakes and I noticed that they didn’t smell alike and then I ran to the other side of the yard and smelled three more and then I ran to a different part of the yard to smell more BUT THAT MAN WAS ACROSS THE STREET AND I HAD TO TELL HIM TO GO AWAY MY NAME IS CHESTER!!
And the fat lady is all in a robe and her moon boots and telling me things like hurry up and fuck and buttpunch. and I don’t understand because you have to smell all the snowflakes to be sure
and I smelled more snowflakes and they didn’t smell ali..MADDIE!! I’m jumping on madding OW OW OW she’s biting my head
I have to poop. If I poop on a snowflake will it smell like the other snowflakes with poop on them? OH MY GOD! have you seen me poop? I do it on the ground when I am outside. Hey! snow! Look at that. I wonder what it smells like?
Poop. Yeah.
Oh, hey, there’s the fat lady! I wanna run inside and sit on her

8 thoughts on “HI HI HI HI HI again!

  1. Chester should meet Phoebe. She’s the same only she runs around yelling about how her name is “phoeeeBEEEE” and wonders if all power cords taste alike. She also wants to eat the girl down stairs – “she looka lika man” and this confuses her, so she spends a lot of time growling at the floor and trying to figure out how she will eat this 2 tons worth of manly neighbor. Phoebe is very brave.

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