ha ha ha I’m gonna say annals!

From the predictable annals of “I’m getting all old and shit” come the regular, super bowl morning after post…
“I ate too much and now I don’t feel good. I used to drink too much and not feel good, but I’m getting all old and shit”.
Super bowl party at April’s means not just munchy snacks but really dense munchy snacks that YOU JUST KEEP EATING!!! There was alcohol, but I’m getting all old and shit and I take the crazy pills and it’s just not conducive to drinking anymore. So I had one weak margarita, a diet orange soda and lots of water. My college-self would not recognize this old lady. Actually, my college-self is probably too damned drunk to focus her eyes at the moment.
I was tasked to bring dessert, something appropriate to the Mexican theme (April….brats with curry ketchup, not so mexican! But delicious and so I say “OLÉ!”). I decided on ice cream sundaes with a trio of homemade sauces. The first was a mixed berry and citrus sauce that was lovely but nothing to write home about. The next a spicy Mexican chocolate sauce with a chipotle afterburn and my masterpiece, a coffee-banana caramel sauce that made me shit twice and die. Seriously, I’m dead right now from that sauce. Hell, I’m just dead thinking about the amount of heavy whipping cream that went into the sauces.
Recipes will be posted later, you will enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “ha ha ha I’m gonna say annals!

  1. Oh, man, some more of the same over here. I latched on to my landlords’ Super Bowl party and there was all this alcohol, everyone was drinking, I could have fixed myself a nice stiff one but I was too busy making love to the barbecue. Oh, and deviled eggs. Love the deviled eggs.

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