oh yeah?

Dear Citizens of Planet Earth
You are probably wondering what that 23% rise in planetary joy is all about. Yeah, you are. That happiness is my new dishwasher and the total erasure of that area of stress in my life! No longer will I ponder just blowing my kitchen up to avoid washing the dishes, Now I have a dishwasher!
I used to wonder how cavemen got by without dishwashers and I realized that that’s probably why they died out.
Oh, and for those of you who are like “dude, doing dishes isn’t that bad!”…Yeah, um shut up! okay, shut up.

5 thoughts on “oh yeah?

  1. I recently purchased a new dishwasher. I paid almost $600 and yeah, it’s the most wonderful machine ever created. Your post got me wondering – how much would I really be willing to spend on a dishwasher if I had to? Say the cheapest someone could get a dishwasher for is $900. $1400? Yep, I’d still do it.

  2. It’s not a question about DOING the dishes; it’s a question of putting them somewhere when you have limited cupboard space and nothing’s good on the radio at the moment. That is why we need dishwashers. Yes.

  3. After the rapture I shall provide all my followers with dishwashers! My benefit packages for my followers are unique and varied…and delicious.

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