well then

Yesterday we spent the day meeting with our new realtor and with the mortgage broker guy. Apparently David’s credit score is so squeaky that fiscally responsible angels fly out of his butt on a regular basis. This is one of the host of ways in which we are polar opposites and yet he still sticks around.
We talked about what we’re looking for in a home, how much space we need, what areas we like, fiduciary responsibilities and previous horror stories about buying or selling a house. The realtor (Mark) set up this special ‘home page’ on the Edina Realty site that allows David and I to add houses we like and the Mark can look at that list, set up viewings and make recommendations. The only thing that sucks is that you cannot write notes about the properties. Sometimes I am saving a house and want to say “yeah, it’s a good house, but the kitchen looks like someone else’s butt”. You can rate the properties but there is no way to say why something got a 3 and something got a 5 when they seem so very similar.
I think that what I am saying is that I know that most people don’t understand my thought process very well. I may lowball one property for it’s lack of central air but then rate another highly even if it has no central air because it’s got features more important to me. I just don’t want to encourage the line of thought that I am batshit insane.
Even if I am.
The mortgage approval process was less painful than I remembered it to be, but I was less nervous about it. I’m being very “if it is to happen then it will happen” about the home buying thing. I’m being chill.
Every new step makes this a little more real to me. Every new step is exciting but also scary. New house, that’s awesome, great big commitment to a house? scary.
I just keep thinking of where I was 3 years ago. How ready I was to move to Baltimore. I had reserved a townhouse, I was on the waiting lists for 2 other ones, financing was a total breeze, I was going to move to the east coast, live in my new home, go back to school and essentially become someone new. I had my plans all set. Then I meet David and I feel all new without leaving the state. We are so opposite, he’s responsible and healthy and ethical and more left leaning than me, and not reactionary; I’m not really any of those things. And yet he wants to buy a home with me.
And he told me that Chester wants to start a band called Um-Tunk and the Funk Famu. Apparently they hang out at the zoo. How could you not like that? Also he renamed the dogs JabberJowls and Grease Fire. Maddie is JabberJowls and a Grease Fire is something that sounds slick and fast, but is really just a problem in your kitchen.