super happy lucky!
It’s occured to me that I am incredibly lucky that Anna does not have the ability or know-how to get the phone messages that I leave for her off of the phone and onto the internet. She’d have some great blackmail material there, including the little somg I made up last night about pooping.
So, Anna, cheers to your lack of techie geek ability.
I’m also very lucky to have not only reached my goal multiple times over in my fundraising efforts for the Humane Society’s Walk for Animals but to have gotten over $1200 with almost no prodding at all. If you would like to donate just follow the link. It’s safe and easy and germ free.
I even got a donation from somebody I don’t know. Thank you, Jim! I don’t know who you are, but you have my deepest thanks!
Next year I am going to try to wrangle my fellow dog park buddies into making a little fundraising team. Might be fun, who knows.
I am unlucky in that I have to be at the vet’s on the other side of town at 8am on Saturday because Chester has a persistent cough and is not feeling well. Poor little guy, i just know he’s going to vomit all over the place. damn.
It’s beautiful and lovely and fun and I’m pop-topping

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