I finally got some photos posted!
a new ephemeral photo
a few new photos of the dogs
AND the chenille scarf and the much anticipated robot scarf.
Take off your pants, click the icon on the right side of the page and revel in the new photo glory!
Note to Jason, the robot end of your scarf is complete, if you want it to say something other than beep! please let me know ASAP. Anyone else want a robot scarf? It’ll cost you. email me for details.

4 thoughts on “PHOTO

  1. Pray tell, what kind of inducements do you need to produce another one of those splendid robot scarves?
    What bribes… what emoluments, what level of baksheesh?
    What kind of largesse would one need to pony up to acquire one of those fine items for himself?
    Oh and say hi to your sister – the memory of her still makes me weep

  2. Um …..yeah…that’s it…’s your unbearable sweetness that makes me cry……..You’re bowel-shattering diabetic killing sweetness

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