smart monkey

Yesterday at brunch, Owen, Alan and David started talking about tv’s and speakers and remote controls on radio frequencies and something or other. The conversation went something like this:
Owen: Speakers!
Alan: Dolby number point one?
Owen: yes! speaker speaker speaker subwoofer
David: pertinent remark
Owen: remot control
David: walls?
Owen: Radio blaster moonbeam
Alan: space!
Owen: plasma
David: lcd?
Alan: mirrors!
This went on for quite some time. Mostly I just stuffed myself with sweet potato fries and hollandaise sauce.
My only contribution to the conversation:
me: I bought my tv because it was silver and it was on sale.
And that’s the truth, I got my tv because my 30 year old 19 inch Zenith with the fake wood paneling looked shitty in my formal living room and I was consolodating the family room with the living room as my sister was moving in to my house. The extent of my interest in the actual tv was that it look nice and not cost a lot of money.
At some point, when I finally broke down and got a dvd player, I was pretty psyched that it had a 5 disk tray. I could finally live the dream of filling the tray, getting unconscionably stoned and not having to move from the sofa for twelve hours. Sadly, I never managed to hook up that tube from my bladder to the bathtub so the dream was never fully realized. I’m sure the DVD box mentioned something about laser quality or skip protection or SOMETHING…I don’t know, it was cheap and meant I didn’t have to move a lot.

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  1. just about anybody’s tv could beat up mine. It’s just a regular tv. No flat screen or plasma or mirrors or lcd or definition or anything. just a tv

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