free form fun photo

Let’s look at photos, shall we?

This is my boyfriend. My boyfriend is amazing for any number of reasons. Over the past two years he’s innumberable things to make me happy, to see me laugh, to help me feel better. When I was depressed and sad and completely filled with grief over the loss of my Ghengis David went and shaved his beard off leaving this incredibly sexy porn mustache. Every time I looked at him I laughed. He even went to the OPH with it. He held me when I cried, he rubbed my back and wiped my tears…and he wore a porn-stache for me.

The new little Chester kickin’ it puppy style.

Best buds in a matter of minutes. Also seen in this photo: the crazy pink sheets we got in NYC. Our bedroom is like a cheap bordello now. Not pictured: the dwn comforter which at the time was in the dryer because Chester is still learning to control his systems (you can see the sleeping bag I was using to stay warm while I waited for the comforter to dry).

this is them, the ones who make me happy and give me reasons.

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