Welcome Chester

This is Chester. He’s a 6 month old rat terrier and corgi mix. He’s very sweet and a little shy and he is the newest member of the family. I was a little worried that Maddie would be defensive about a new dog in her home but I was wrong. Maddie is thrilled peachy to have another little dog to play with. I really underestimated how close Maddie was with Ghengis and I underestimated how much she missed him. Maddie is nothing but happy to have this little guy here even if he is too shy to play right now.
And, let’s be honest, it’s doing me a world of good to bring some happiness into my home. I won’t stop grieving for Ghengis for a long time. I really loved Ghengis with all my heart. I just want to funnel a lot of that energy into something more positive than crying jags and hiding from the world. I am not moving on from Ghengis, I don’t think I ever could, but I am adding to my heart another dog.
And you can’t argue with loving another dog.
Oh, also, as much as I would have loved naming him Riblet, David just did not like the name. This dog is ours to share and we had to agree on the name and Chester it is.
Please welcome Chester to the family.

9 thoughts on “Welcome Chester

  1. I love him! He looks like the one I picked, too, which is just a little bonus for me.
    I’m happy for you, of course, but way happier for Chester who has no idea how loving his new home is.

  2. I tried to post before, but it wouldnt let me.
    Rib….Chester, yeah Chester is totally cute. I love him!

  3. I am so happy you adopted Chester!! If I didn’t have a newborn and a dog (and a husband who is almost as much work as taking care of a newborn and a dog) I would totally have adopted Chester’s bro Archie.
    Ya know…his adventure story name can be Riblet…no need to tell David… ;-)

  4. Riblet McGee is his new adventure name! Thank you, Mary for the suggestion. Soon it will be time for Hippohead Jones to set sail with a new partner.
    Both dogs are passed out on David and me, just a couple of happy doogles.

  5. He’s adorable – and a wonderful legacy to Ghengis. Thank you for giving a new life to a dog in need.
    (from rfc)

  6. Omigod, I’ve always wanted to know what my Gaza looked like as a puppy (I got him when he was one) and I swear to God, he’s the spitting image of Chester…
    SOOO sorry about Ghengis.

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