and again

Once again, even though we thought we sealed the tank up pretty well, Chicken the Gecko has gone missing.
I have more faith in his ability to survive this time. Last time I figured he died right away and weeks later I discovered I was wrong. This time I am pretty sure he can make in on the spiders and whatnot.
I will try to get pictures of the other lizards as they have grown a lot, but they aren’t so keen on being held or photgraphed anymore so it’s difficult. maybe I will get some sleeping shots at night.

2 thoughts on “and again

  1. the thing about emergent technology is that it always sucks in its first few iterations. Versions beta 0.4 and 0.4.2 would show me that my gecko was somehwere on my block. Once they refine the technology then it will tell me the gecko is in my house, later my living room and finally, “under the window sill behind the buffet”

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