la loca

I’m going to answer 2 sets of emails here now…
1) no, i have not jumped off the bridge yet. If you are using internet explorer you might have trouble reading this website. We’re working on that. Of course if you are using some versions of internet explorer you can’t see this. So, to answer your questions, no, I’ve not taken the site down or had a breakdown or anything like that, I’m just having a css issue.
2) no, I will not be doing the “post every day” thing. It’s a good idea, don’t get me wrong, but after 33 years I think I have a good handle on how my mind works and I’m reasonably certain that my self-sabotaging tendencies would kick in and I would post every day until the 5th and then not post for the next 45 days or something like that just to be a big flaming failure at something. I find it best to keep expectations low and not worry about these things. Besides, I already post pretty regularly.
Beyond the negative responses to your emails, what else do I have?
Well, I took the 2nd half of the pumpkin pasta dough, rolled it out and then cut it into very long, 1 inch wide chow fun noodles. I put together a super easy stir fry with lots of sauce (garlic black bean sauce, ginger juice, sriracha, veggie broth all thickened with cornstarch) and boiled up the big flat noodles. Noodles drained and dumped into the stir fry.
Took me 45 minutes to roll and cut the noodles, 15 minutes to actually cook dinner. I wish noodle rolling was faster.
Halloween was quiet, just David and me and the dogs eating black bean tacos and watching The Missing (which sucked) and drinking Spanish red wine (which was good).
Now I must take the dogs for their walk as the law says they’re not allowed to walk themselves.