Nobody cares

what the hell happened to me? This afternoon I was sitting at my desk all excited about what I’d had for lunch. I was fucking GIDDY after lunch.
Of course, it’s been opined that nobody cares what I had for lunch and by all rights I should not care what I had for lunch. There was a time when I got all excited by extra tequila, date night or live nude donkeys. Now i get excited by my own lunch.
What did I have? What excited me so damned much?
Salami on rye with cheddar and homemade mustard
Tomato and lettuce kept seperate until lunch
An apple
Some carrots
A cookie
Good times.
I was a little less excited to take Maddie to the vet. again. for her feet. again. This time we were told to take her to a dermatologist, that she probably has an allergy, either airborne or food related. It’s disheartening. There is no answer in site. The vet was clear, even if we go to the dermatologist it will probably take a battery of tests and a lot of trial and error before we figured out what was wrong and what to do about it.
We’re going to have to have a charity walk to raise money for her treatment.

One thought on “Nobody cares

  1. “We’re going to have to have a charity walk to raise money for her treatment.”
    For some reason I read ‘dark charity walk’ and I now wonder what that is.

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