We booked our trip to NYC for next month. We’ll only be there for a weekend. A friend of David’s is getting married. We’ll have one day of siteseeing/eating/shopping. That’s probably for the best.
I think what I am looking forward to most is taking the subway across town while wearing a little black cocktail dress and heels. I know we could take a cab, but I’m thinking there’s no real adventure in that.
Oh, Anna/Emily, this means I need a dogsitter for the night of 10/13-10/16. Let me know.

9 thoughts on “huttah

  1. you know what i’m gonna get right? I’m gonna get the spelling of your name right as I scribble it across the back of my hand. You can be my spellchecker, bitch!

  2. How much do you pay a dogsitter? I might be able to put in a lower bid than Anna. Do you need to see my references? I can promise I won’t clog any of your sinks up.

  3. don’t you love how i posted that twice!
    Yeah, emily needs money whereas anna can be easily abused into submission and forced to work for food.

  4. Umm.. No adventure.. have you ever taken a cab in NYC???
    You get the right cabbie and you’ll have plenty of adventure.

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