I am winning

Proof positive that I am in the running for worst dog owner ever. Today we stuck Ghengis in a 55 gallon aquarium.

Now we have to vacuum all his hair out of there so we can move the lizards into their new home.
I have much cleaning and packing to do. I’m going up to the Soudan mine and neutron collector this weekend! Party on, science nerds!

4 thoughts on “I am winning

  1. Why didn’t I get to see the Neutron collector?
    I have been collecting and accelerating my own neutrons for ages. Got best in show once in Seattle.
    Why didn’t you take me to see this.
    Insead all I got to see was PB LOCO! PB LOCO! And you consider me a friend – I’d love to see where you bring the people you don’t like

  2. sorry, it was a neutrino collector. i’m retarded.
    I did not take you to the neutrino collector because you could not be bothered to schedule a rational and reasonable trip.

  3. Neutrino! Nobody collects neutrons anymore – that shit is so passé; neutrons have been done to death. We’re talking some serious quantum shit with neutrinos – super subatomic pass through the earth without hitting anything kind of tiny. Also, DARK MATTER. Think about that.

  4. Oh… Your apologetic comment had not posted yet. Now I guess I have to apologize…………………
    Also, Soudan, MN is over 4 hours away. We are taking an extended weekend, and I understand the Irish are hell on road trips over an hour or so. We decided to wait until you had left, because we didn’t want to stop every five minutes for a bathroom break or exotic animal ranch canned hunt. Besides, chasing wolves down with snowmobiles can’t be done in the summer, so I’m sure the whining would have been constant and unbearable.
    Anyway, we would have made you pay for everything, including the hookers, your only access to which would have been a cup and your ear against a motel room wall.

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