there has to be a term for the total delerious logic that comes in to play at 3 in the morning. You know when you’re laying in bed and your whole body aches and you keep coughing up hellish loogies?
You know you’re all uncomfortable and no matter how you toss and turn you just cannot get to sleep so yorur super logical, cold addled brain kicks in and you decide “hey, I should sleep on the couch! that makes so much sense!!!”
You gather up the dogs and the blankets and the pillows and you head to the living and on the way you decide to turn on every single light! It makes so much sense! What if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you will need every single light on. And if you decide to go back to bed you need every light on so you can turn them off in the right sequence or you won’t be able to sleep. It all makes sense at 3 in the monring and your brain has been attacked by a biological weapon the size of delaware.
Wanna know what else makes sense when you’re sick and you need to sleep on the sofa with all the lights on and the dogs crowdeed around you? Putting a dvd on! Great idea! Put the Simpsons in, bundle up with the dogs, let the over-animated conflicts of middle class suburbia battle it out with your virus tainted psyche as you drift in and out of uncomfortable sleep.
At 9:30 you go back to your bed for 2 hours of real sleep and then start the day over.
and curse your boss and his underage mad genius kids that create these biological weapons.

One thought on “delerium

  1. Sounds like a good night of sleep to me.
    I still sleep with the bedroom light on. Can’t otherwise, unless a boy is shielding me in his arms.

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