I was ging to post photos but the batteries in my camera died and I have to wait for them to recharge.
This and that, not much going on. David left yesterday and last night I was prepared to clean. I even started cleaning, but then I remembered that I could eat unhealthy amounts of meat covered pizza! I opted for that instead of cleaning!
My plan is to take one room at a time and give it a thorough ass kicking cleaning. Tonight I hit the living room and I am pretty sure it’s never been so clean!
blah blah blah David goes away and I’m reduced to discussing my cleaning habits. Someone told me that she thought I was lucky to have so much time away from him, so much time alone to do whatever I wanted. I thought that was sad. Having one weekend or a week here and there to myself is nice, but 5 or 6 weeks will leave me lonely and nutty. I thought that maybe if she wanted 6 weeks or more away from her boyfriend, if she so disliked being around him then maybe she needed to rethink things. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.
Anyway, I get a little nutty when left alone but Alex graciously pointed out that I get constructive nutty. I’ll make mustard, jam and crochet projects! Photos soon.