What I Do

What I do:
A bulleted list
* I made mustard this weekend. That’s right, bitches, I threw down and called out my inner old lady and I made mustard. Mustard. It’s currently ‘aging’ on the counter. Tonight I will grind it and can it in little jars. This is a spicy german mustard. Other mustards to be made: horseradish, dill, curry, chive and cranberry.
* I will also be making jam this week. Strawberry ginger and raspberry spice.
* David is getting ready. He’s going. Sigh. He and Marshall are heading down to New Orleans tomorrow. They plan to take the sailboat out and explore the gulf. He will be gone for many weeks. I will miss him. Who’ll call me ‘Mubs’?
* Do not do that stretching thing where you interlace your fingers together, twist your hands palm side out and stretch if you have recently had surgery on your wrist. The pain can only be described as ‘sharp’ and ‘excruciating’. It will bring tears to your eyes. It will stick with you for hours.
* Went to Penzey’s this weekend. I used a gc from Alan and some store credit brought on by my dad giving me a Penzey’s spice gift set he’d already given me. I shopped like a FIEND. I bought things that I normally don’t.
* As such, if you would like to be invited over for ribs with a spicy rub, peppery pork chops or homemade italian sausage, let me know!
* I have too many crochet projects going at once. I need a good storage system to hold them otherwise my living room gets covered in all manner of half crocheted tidbits.
* Marshall is sitting next to me, he wants you to know how cool he is, he swears, he plays Go a lot, and he is wearing stripey pants. He owns a cute dog but his dog is not as cute as ghengis.
* I am going to miss the hell out of David. Anyone want to volunteer for distraction duty, let me know. I’m gonna need it.
* I have tons of photos that need to be posted. Soon. I promise.