Today was one of those days. ONE OF THOSE DAYS. You’ll note in my previous comments my mother mentioning that she’s coming down to visit. I read that and totally went into panic mode! Shit. I have so much to do this weekend and the house is a mess and of course I totally fucking spaced that my mom is coming down this weekend! How could I forget that? Well, easily, actually since I forget everything lately. After I read it I remembered some vague distant conversation with my mom about her visiting.
I am totally feeling like a retard for forgetting. I suck and I always forget stuff like this.
I email her to let her know that I had forgotten but that it’s cool, we’ll work everything out. I’m planning meals and excursions around our schedule.
She replies telling me that it was just a joke.
And a good joke it was! This was actually pretty damned funny, it played right into my neuroses.
Unfortunately, things went down hill from there.
The short version is that a notoriously unhealthy coworker shit irony all over herself as she pointed out that my lunch choice was unhealthy, paypal fucked up a payment and pulled $100 out of my personal checking account instead of my corporate credit card, a jackass coworker would not get out of my office, I screamed at another coworker so loudly that it pretty much reverberated through the front of the building (no lie) and I was out of cigarettes.
And poor poor anna had to witness it all. It’s not often I lose it at work. Time to crank up the happy juice.
But then I had to take Maddie to the vet because it looks like badgers chewed on her feet. 31 days of antibiotics, 2 weeks of daily foot soaks and a steroid shot. She was pretty good natured about it and the vet was really good. I have to remember to only see this one vet, she’s the best and she loves my dogs.
AND in a move of sheer stupidity I’ve been crocheting like a mad woman. I think something in my brain clicked and I know that I won’t be able to crochet for a long time and I can’t deal with that. It makes my hand ache but I don;t care I just sit there pumping out stitches. Right now I am working on a super cute purse pattern that I hope turns out well so I have something to show for this.
Also, I figured out my christmas present goal for all the little kids I know! If it works out it will be the cutest thing ever (and not dinosaur related!).
Love you
Associate vice president of cool