yeah, fuck you too

The button for the sunroof in my car is on the ceiling. I was driving the other day and went to shut the sunroof. I hooked the button and as it was closing I realized that I was using my middle finger. Essentially, I was driving down the road flipping everyone off.
And I liked it.
Today was another quiet rainy day. We did laundry and curled up on the sofa for a bit. I ran to the store and got stuff for gnocchi dinner, corn chowder tomorrow night and blueberry jam. Making the gnocchi was a bad idea, it required too much kneading and that combined with the crocheting today was just stupid. dammit. Couple more weeks and I have the surgery then I get to recover.
Also, the gnocchi was a bad recipe. The sauce was great but the actual gnocchi (don’t ask what kind) was icky. And the recipe made a metric buttload. Damn.
and one final thing…
This is a message to the jackass sitting next to me at Balls last night…Are you listening? Going to see live theatre is very different from hauling your ass to the discount megaplex on a Tuesday night. Do not dangle your legs over the seat in front of you. Do not fucking talk constantly. Do not snicker at the performers (I know they probably chased all the gay people out of Whitefield Park, but you’re in the actual city now and gay people are a fact of life). Do not fucking talk constantly. Do not leave your trash on the floor. Do not fucking talk constantly. Do not lean way over the arm rest and take over the seat space of the person next to you unless you have an intimate relationship with said person (and I can guarantee you, you will never have an intimate relationship with me, no matter how far you lean over my seat). Do not fucking talk constantly. If you must leave before the evening ends, do so quietly and during a time that you will not interrupt people. Do not play with your cell phone the whole time. sure sure, we’re all impressed that you can take video shots with your phone the way the rest of us can…you don’t have to make a big deal out of it.
And finally, if you are going to turn around to talk to your friend in the row behind you, DO NOT REST YOUR ELBOW ON THE SHOULDER OF THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU AS THOUGH SHE WERE PART OF THE CHAIR!!!! I wish I could say I was kidding about that, but I am not. He literally rested his arm on my shoulder when he turned around to jabber at his friends.