ah ha

These are the things that make me cranky…
* Puns. Can’t stand them. Almost every pun I hear or read is groanworthy. I know people love puns, I’m sure they have their merits. I can not stand them. It’s like you’re obligated to pretend they’re clever when they’re not. I also realize that by posting this I am going to receive a number of pun-related comments in my comments section. Dammit.
* Classic Cars. Again, I don’t know why but when I see classic cars I want to run them off the road and punch the driver. I honestly don’t know why. I don’t think they are cool or interesting, only infuriating. I do, however, recognize how irrational this hatred is. I know there is no earthly reason to hate classic cars, they are what they are and they bring happiness to their owners. I still hate them.
* Bruce Springsteen. Hate him. Cannot stand to listen to him. I know why I hate him, though, unlike the previous two issues. In 1984 I was 11 years old, Born in the USA had just been released. One of the big hits from that album was I’m on Fire. Every morning my clock radio would go off and this damned song would be playing. I was a little lost on the concept of metaphor and just got amazingly creeped out byt the situation suggested in the first verse. I could not believe that such a creepy song would be allowed on the air. In Springsteen’s defense, he can hardly be held responsible for the confusions of an 11 year old girl, but it was an impressionable time and it’s just too late now. Hearing him sing ‘My City of Ruins’ at the benefit concert shortly after 9/11 did help a bit.
* People that don’t understand that a pedestrian at a crosswalk has the right of way. Fuck you impatient drivers, you’re in a nice, dry car, I am walking in the rain with 2 hot cups of coffee. Let me cross the damned street.
This post might lead you to believe that I am cranky today. Far from it, I’m in an excellent mood and so far it has been a most excellent day. Good for me. Still have not done the dishes yet. Better get on that!