Went to go get Ghengis from the vet. They brought the little guy out and he got so excited to see me (and he wanted to leave so badly) that he jumped around and got his stitches bleeding. Blood spraying all over the lobby, all over me and all over the assistant. Dang. They try to take him back to clean him up and bandage his ear but he refused to go. I had to go back with them. Holy crap, don’t ever just nonchalantly wander into the back of a vet’s office. They had some poor dog all splayed out, bloody cotton balls everywhere, stitches….bare skin. I don’t know. It was freaky.
They let me go back to the lobby.
They bandaged his head all up and sent him out. He looked like a goofy babushka. Immediately he got his ear right out of the bandages and there was blood all over the place again.
There is no doubt that this dog is my dog. Only my dog would cause a bloodbath of such proportions and be so damned stubborn about it.
Poor little fella looks like he’s hungover. He looks to be in so much pain, not just his ear but I’m sure he has a wicked headache.
David and I have to watch him, make sure he doesn’t get sick or scratch his stitches. Earlier this month I decided to bake treats for the big department meeting tomorrow. I had not anticipated having to deal with this before deciding to make choco-banana buns, cinnamon rolls and honey-wheat-pecan bread. The bread machine is getting a total workout tonight.
On the way to the vet, going south on hwy 77 I drove down into the Minnesota river valley. I cannot describe how it looked. The valley was filled with mist and the sunlight lit the whole place. I was so painfully tempted to stay on the freeway. Just keep going. It was the perfect morning to start a roadtrip. I really would have but 1) my boss would have killed me 2) I forgot my two Decemberist cd’s at home and 3) well, Ghengis had a really important appointment with a vet today.
It’s too too obvious I need a roadtrip in the worst way.