let’s do this again to remind ourselves

No, this isn’t about anal sex, Brock
twice in one week I found myself in the same exact conversation and both times I wanted to smack sense into heads.
But I’ve come to realize that no amount of smacking will add sense to some heads.
Let’s discuss bisexuality for a minute, let’s talk about because I have had to talk about it so damned much lately.
I am a bisexual female. In its barest terms this means that I am attracted to people of both genders. Or to put it another way, I am attracted to people regardless of their gender.
What is does NOT mean is that I am unhappy committing to one gender or another, any commitment issues I may or may not have are not related to the gender of the person I am dating.
It does not mean that I am untrustworthy or unable to control my urges. My trustworthiness and ability to be faithful have nothing to do with who I am attracted to. One’s propensity to stray does not increase with the number of genders one is attracted to. I know too many people who can be supportive of my bisexuality and yet minutes later comment that they couldn’t not date a bisexual because they could not trust them not to cheat. HEY! People fucking cheat, it has nothing to do with their sexuality.
It does not mean that must engage in a multi-gendered Isosceles Lock every night in order to find fulfillment.
And is certainly does not mean that I am only bisexual if I am dating a woman. The fact that David is a guy doesn’t make me less bisexual and it doesn’t make me straight and it wasn’t just a phase that I went through and now I am over it.
I am attracted to a sense of humor, I am attracted to people who are warm and kind, I am attracted to intelligence. When I find those attributes in a person I am unable to say, “I like this person but their genitals are the wrong shape. Too bad.”
Obviously, there’s more to it than that, it’s a very simplistic way to look at it. I view relationships with men and women differently quite simply because men and women are different beasts. I’ve learned something, however, during my relationship with David. I’d not been in a serious, meaningful relationship with a guy before. I’d always assumed that though I was attracted to them I would probably not be in a long term relationship with a guy as I would have trouble managing parity and equality.
I should have known I was wrong. Finding parity in a relationship doesn’t have anything to do with the gender fo the person but with their personality which is the essence of my argument. And so here I am.
I am really tired of explaining this to people. I mean, hell, i know this guy, he’s not had sex with a woman in ages. AGES. and he’s still straight, so I think it stands to reason that I can still be bisexual even if I never sleep with another woman again.
I’ll always be a jackass regardless.