I am drained. Today has drained me. I have spent my day giving advice, listening, helping and shouldering other people’s burdens.
I do not say this in any sort of resentful way.
It is only by mere coincidence that 3 people in one day have needed help and guidance. I cannot say “no, I’ve heard my share of misery tody, call back tomorrow”.
But I am drained, completely and utterly drained. I’ve spent the day doing research, gathering numbers for assistance, trying to navigate the bewildering public assistance system so that a girl can get the help she needs. And I spent a chunk of time helping another person navigate the murky waters of family entanglements. AND I spent the day teaching someone about nutrition (to be fair, this was less draining).
In regards to one of the girls I dealt with today, someone asked me why I was doing this. They said “you know you can’t save her, right?”. You know, I don’t know that for sure. I don’t know the outcome of this situation at all, but I also know that I cannot in good conscience assess a situation until I’ve entered into it.
I know that in my own heart, to walk away from someone who needs help of this magnitude is a moral black hole. Not everyone can be saved, I know this keenly, but I know that sometimes people CAN be saved and I know this personally.
I do not give more than I can stand to lose, this isn’t about handing out cash, this is about giving someone a shoulder and some direction and support. This is letting someone know that there ARE people in this world who will help you and they will not attach a price tag.
Incidentally, if you are in the twin cities area and you have anything that would be of use to a 10 month old baby please contact me so we can work something out. Clothes, toys, supplies, these would all be greatly appreciated and put to good use.