The best part about the giant grocery shopping trip is that I have all new fresh things to choose from when I am standing in the kitchen. The only problem is picking what to make. Roasted radicchio with carrots and rice vinegar? chick pea fritters? butternut squash curry? kale risotto?
Tonight I settled on udon/miso soup. Miso broth with sauteed zucchini, carrots, broccoli, water chestnuts, fresh spinach, toasted sesame seeds, chili oil, lime juice, egg and chewy good udon noodles. Good god, you cannot make a better combination than egg cooked in miso broth with toasted sesame seeds. The noodles and the veggies are secondary, I love the umame-tastic combo of eggs and miso.
Happily chilling with dinner in my belly.
Speaking of food and such…
Been packing lunches for David and myself lately. Part of it is an effort to save money (it’s working!) and part of it is an effort to give something tangible to David, a way to say thank you. I don’t have much to give, not many good solid ways to show him what he means to me and how I care for him. I can cook, this is something I can do fairly well. I can pack a lunch for him, I can make sandwiches on homemade bread, I can pack up leftovers from dinner, I can do this. I can accomplish something. I remind him every morning to take his lunch (at least on the mornings he has one to take. I care about him, but that does nt mean I am on the ball every night!).
Maybe, tomorrow, if you remind me, I’ll tell you of the purely obscene moments I’ve been having lately!
Just filed my taxes. Why did I wait so long? Pure, unadulterated procrastination. Why else would I allow such a big chunk of money to just sit there doing nothing!
Birthday party for David on Saturday! YAY YAY HOORAY!