today is a day of hooray!
1) I accidentally discovered that my car does indeed have a 20 cd changer in it. I’d suspected it did when I got it, but I didn’t have a manual and the crypticly (cryptically? Alex?) labeled buttons on the stereo were no help. Were they referring to 20 disks or 20 preset channels?? I couldn’t tell, I assumed channels since after much investigation I could not figure out how to get 20 cd’s into the stereo…and YES I did look in the trunk for a changer, it wasn’t there. LO!! The angels sang down on me and as I drowsily tried to turn the knob from CD to FM so I could listen to the news on the way to work I grabbed the wrong knob, turned from CD-01 to CD-02 and it asked me to insert a disk. I grabbed the first cd I could get my hands on and shoved it in there…and it played! and so did the 3rd, 4th and 5th. WOW. I totally deserve a 20 disk changer in my car! I totally deserve to find out about it 8 months after I buy it. It’s like a late christmas present that you don’t mind is late because it is so awesome!
2) Speaking of christmas presents that are late but you don’t mind because they are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Meggers sent my christmas gift and I got it today!! A Hipposaurus!!!!!! (this may be the most exclamation point intensive post ever!!!!!) I can’t even begin to describe the absolute coolness of this gift, a handmade hipposaurus stuffed animal in his own eggshell with the cutest story about how he came to be and how he hoards chocolate and how he has to come live with me now and he brought all of his chocolate with him to share with me. I am so in love right now!!!! Pictures will be posted soon.
okay, only 2 discoveries, but two pretty cool discoveries! I’m going to go eat my dinner then head over to the land of the katamari…I mean hedgehog.


What did I do this weekend? All I remember is playing Katamari Damacy! I drive around and see fence panels and street signs and dogs that all want to be rolled up into my katamari!
I’m sure there was something else I did…
1) took care of eddie the hedgehog. he really is cute even though I’m not really supposed to see him. His spines are pokier than I expected and he has a really cute nose. I keep telling my sister I’m poking him. I tell her this because I love her and I have a sick sense of love. April, I am not really poking your hedgehog. In fact, I’m not really doing anything to your hedgehog except looking at him. And feeding him.
2) last night I got together with some people from the cooking group for dinner at Yummy! in no particular order we ate flank steak, jellyfish, peashoots, lo mein lobster, eggplant, flounder, froglegs, crab, fish stomach, shrimp, scallops, pork knuckle, fried rice, chicken and about a million things I don’t remember. The nice thing about going to a place like that with a group of ten people is that you can order a million different things to share. I highly recommend Yummy’s jellyfish, it’s not nearly as chewy as it could be, it has a great sesame flavor and is on a bed of carrot/jicama slaw. Actually, there was not a single thing that I ate last night that I didn’t enjoy immensely.
3) yeah…nothing else, just playing video games at my sister’s (don’t worry april, we’re not breaking anything!!!), crocheting like mad, eating like a pick and getting maximum cuddles!

oh…I get it now

I piss and moan about the weathertards and they get their revenge by pulling out their huge freeze-ray and point it directly at me. It’s fuck-ass cold out there people. Every time I hit F8 and pull up my dash board (OSX Tiger widgets…YOW) the temp drops a degree. It’s -11 out there. Sucks ass.
Fuck you, weathertards! I still think your climate related histrionics are stupid! Go back to the days of the felt cloud on the map of the US. YOU SUCK BALLS.
Speaking of balls, I told Jessi today that if I had a left nut I would totally trade it for a self warming steering wheel.
And speaking of my car, the stereo automatically displays the band and song name of whatever’s playing on the radio. I’ve jad this car since July 1st and I just noticed?? yeah, well, I never listen to the radio unless it’s NPR, but lately I’ve been popping over to 89.3 The Current (NPR’s ‘current music’ radio station, though I have to say they need to cut back on the Journey tributes, seriously. Hipster trend-pandering or not, Journey sucked then and they suck now). I love this little feature on my stereo for the very obvious reason…now I know what the fuck I am listening to!
There are moments I wish I could capture on film forever, not necessarily to share with you, but just for me. Like when Ghengis is tired he stretches himself into alooooong tube with his back feet out behind him and his stumpy front legs out front then he tiredly rubs his face on the floor and falls asleep. Or the way that Maddie curls up into such a tiny ball that her hippo head takes up half her volume!
Soon the boy and I have to go over and feed the shapeless lump. It’s so cold, I’m actually dreading it, but the promise of playing Katamari Damacy will get me over there.
Of course, I don;t even know if I will get the damned thing on, he’s got no less than 87 remotes each with at least 524 buttons, buttons must be turned on in order!

Lost In Translation

So, Mr Weatherman, this morning…remember when you were going on and on about the crazy storm that was headed this way? Remember that? I distinctly got the impression that there would be so much snow coming down that time would literally stand still! I was sure I would wake up to find my head cracked open and my skull stuffed full of malignant frozen precipitation. I know this century is still young and declaring a snowfall to be the “storm of the century” allows you a certain amount of room since there’s really not that many winters to compare it to…
Am I to assume that when you made these bold statements regarding the weather, what you actually meant was “might get a tad chilly tonight…wear a hat”? Because there is NO SNOW out there. None. True, I had a bit of a fluff on the windshield this morning, but the wipers took care of that. Where’s the gigantic storm that is supposed to wipe us all out? I was thinking Jake Gyllenhall was going to show up and save my ass from the extreme weather.
There is no snow. None. Not on the sidewalks, not on my car. Let’s be clear, i don’t mind so much, when there is no snow I can clearly see where my neighbors have still not yet removed the ice from their sidewalks so I can avoid falling down while walking the dogs. I don’t mind mornings where I do not have to clear a pile of snow off my car. What bugs me is the near apocalyptic and somewhat apoplectic freak out regarging the weather.
In other news…ah not much. Ordered another crochet stitch encyclopedia today, this one has more lace patterns both traditional and filet. Changed the dogs names to Muffin Top (g) and Egg Beater (m).
I have a clump of beautiful shiny orange crochet thread here in one gigantic tangle. It came that way. Any advice for getting it apart? I’s really like to use it, it’s lovely stuff.
And of course, gave away three crocheted items this week and forgot to take pictures of any of them. I suck.


I got chocolates that say “choo choo choose me”! I got a handmade rose ornament. I ate fantastic Indian food. aaah sigh.
We went to the recently re-opened Udupi Cafe for dinner. I thought this would be a smart choice, good food, always pretty quiet in there, pleasant helpful staff. Sometimes I am wrong. The food itself was excellent, I hadn’t had chaat papri in so long and it was so good, along with the dosai, samosa, beans poryal, aloo gobi and of course the tamarind, coriander and coconut chutneys. YUM.
It seems everyone in the city had the same idea. The place had just re-opened on the third and NO ONE was trained and the place was packed and the service was pitiful. There were 5 people just running around filling water glasses and picking up empty plates and running food but only one or two people actually taking orders. Our dinner was brought to us twice. It took FOREVER to get anything and the ‘wine list’ was really more of an ornament, the bottle we ordered was out of stock, my second, third and fourth choices were gone as well. I settled for the merlot.
But I don’t want to complain, the food was beyond excellent. I really loved it. We’re going back…but later, when they’re not so crazy busy.
Also, yesterday I learned that the hedgehog is the most boring of all possible pets with the exception of the pet rock. While my sister is on vacation I am supposed to take care of Eddie the Hedgehog. Mostly I go over there twice and change the food and water. I don’t get to play with him, I don’t get to poke him, I probably won’t even see him since he burrows under the mat in his cage. Boring. You know, when I have people watch my dogs at least they get an exciting adventure with two lovable scamps. I get to put food in a bowl for a formless lump. Sigh. On the brightside, I get to play Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari as much as I want, provided I can figure out how to turn on the tv with all the crazy remotes and things. Crazy!
And to address a point brought up in my comments from a previous post…
Yes, my mom does read my website, but she does it at her own risk and she knows it. You’ll note how often I discuss anal sex, girth, blow jobs and the 18th amendment on my website. It’s pretty hard to offend my mom.
Hey mom, ANAL SEX!!!
And let me leave you with this happy note. David just came home from the grocery store and in the load of treasures were 4 (FOUR!) pints of Haagen Dasz!!! Coffee, mango sorbet, raspberry chip and the best MINT CHIP. He’s pretty keen.