today is a day of hooray!
1) I accidentally discovered that my car does indeed have a 20 cd changer in it. I’d suspected it did when I got it, but I didn’t have a manual and the crypticly (cryptically? Alex?) labeled buttons on the stereo were no help. Were they referring to 20 disks or 20 preset channels?? I couldn’t tell, I assumed channels since after much investigation I could not figure out how to get 20 cd’s into the stereo…and YES I did look in the trunk for a changer, it wasn’t there. LO!! The angels sang down on me and as I drowsily tried to turn the knob from CD to FM so I could listen to the news on the way to work I grabbed the wrong knob, turned from CD-01 to CD-02 and it asked me to insert a disk. I grabbed the first cd I could get my hands on and shoved it in there…and it played! and so did the 3rd, 4th and 5th. WOW. I totally deserve a 20 disk changer in my car! I totally deserve to find out about it 8 months after I buy it. It’s like a late christmas present that you don’t mind is late because it is so awesome!
2) Speaking of christmas presents that are late but you don’t mind because they are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Meggers sent my christmas gift and I got it today!! A Hipposaurus!!!!!! (this may be the most exclamation point intensive post ever!!!!!) I can’t even begin to describe the absolute coolness of this gift, a handmade hipposaurus stuffed animal in his own eggshell with the cutest story about how he came to be and how he hoards chocolate and how he has to come live with me now and he brought all of his chocolate with him to share with me. I am so in love right now!!!! Pictures will be posted soon.
okay, only 2 discoveries, but two pretty cool discoveries! I’m going to go eat my dinner then head over to the land of the katamari…I mean hedgehog.