Lost In Translation

So, Mr Weatherman, this morning…remember when you were going on and on about the crazy storm that was headed this way? Remember that? I distinctly got the impression that there would be so much snow coming down that time would literally stand still! I was sure I would wake up to find my head cracked open and my skull stuffed full of malignant frozen precipitation. I know this century is still young and declaring a snowfall to be the “storm of the century” allows you a certain amount of room since there’s really not that many winters to compare it to…
Am I to assume that when you made these bold statements regarding the weather, what you actually meant was “might get a tad chilly tonight…wear a hat”? Because there is NO SNOW out there. None. True, I had a bit of a fluff on the windshield this morning, but the wipers took care of that. Where’s the gigantic storm that is supposed to wipe us all out? I was thinking Jake Gyllenhall was going to show up and save my ass from the extreme weather.
There is no snow. None. Not on the sidewalks, not on my car. Let’s be clear, i don’t mind so much, when there is no snow I can clearly see where my neighbors have still not yet removed the ice from their sidewalks so I can avoid falling down while walking the dogs. I don’t mind mornings where I do not have to clear a pile of snow off my car. What bugs me is the near apocalyptic and somewhat apoplectic freak out regarging the weather.
In other news…ah not much. Ordered another crochet stitch encyclopedia today, this one has more lace patterns both traditional and filet. Changed the dogs names to Muffin Top (g) and Egg Beater (m).
I have a clump of beautiful shiny orange crochet thread here in one gigantic tangle. It came that way. Any advice for getting it apart? I’s really like to use it, it’s lovely stuff.
And of course, gave away three crocheted items this week and forgot to take pictures of any of them. I suck.