Been a long time and there are a million photos. I’ll only bother you with a few. I promise.
I made homemade buns! There were tasty good, I used a honey wheat recipe. I probably should have cut and weighed the dough to make consistent sized buns and I should have stretched them more to make them flatter, but I don’t care. I have nice buns.
And here’s Ghengis and my focaccia bread. He’s a good fella, the littlest of the fellas and he approves of the focaccia bread.
Aaaah maddie does it get better than this?
Sometimes life is like this and sometimes life is like THIS. It is warm, it is happy, it makes me laugh in my belly.
People, the grand finale…the perfect moment…THE HIPPOSAURUS!!!! You honestly cannot imagine how happy it makes me to hug this thing, to look at it! and to share my chocolates with it.
So, there are your pictures!