Vampires beware

Crap crap crap! Crap on a crap cracker!
My house REEKS of garlic. I mean offensively so. I’m so a-tarded. I went to go make a loaf of bread in the machine, I was thinking something savory to counterpoint the molasses oat bread of yesterday, so I settled on an olive oil, rosemary, garlic bread. I only had 2 cups of flour left (must go to store and buy bread flour, wheat flour, sugar, beer, ice cream, apples) so I had to make a smaller loaf.
David likes garlic. He loves garlic. I am firmly on the fence (ha!) with garlic. I do enjoy a bit of garlic now and then, a touch of garlic flavor is nice. I do not like things that taste strongly of garlic and I am super paranoid about smelling of garlic. I wanted to make a good bread that David would like so I just kept crushing cloves of garlic and throwing them in.
It’s the halfway point on the kneading cycle, we’re not even to baking and I think I made a terrible mistake. The warmth of the machine has drawn out the scent of the garlic and it permeates everthing. If it weren’t so damned cold out, I’d go site in the car.