maybe I was wrong???

I always tell people I’m not creative. I usually think it’s true. And yet…
I realized that I regularly take crochet patterns and modify them to suit my needs. I can mix and match different patterns to make new ones whenever I need to. I made a bunch of scarves based on patterns I got from my baby blanket books. Right now I am converting a pattern for lace edging into a scarf (yeah, I’m ripping out yesterday’s attempt, it’s not bad, it’s just not what I was going for).
I can actually be creative. Most of the food I make for parties are recipes invented by or modified by me, including my rack of lamb dinner, the stuff I made for my housewarming party and most of my curries. A lot of the things I make are not big stretches, it’s not exactly difficult to make a veggie curry, it’s really one step up from the bachelor stir-fry, but it is rare that I use recipes and when I do, I usually modify them.
So yeah, this is my “go me!” post. I can actually do creative things!
The other cool thing is that in doing this lace edging scarf, I ABSOLUTELY want to make this same pattern as actual lace edging and sew it on to pillow cases as gifts. And you know what? That is SO OLD LADY!

another one of THOSE days

Brunch at 2pm at the Egg and I. A metric buttload of food between the two of us, he had one of those skillet scramble things with the veggies and the cheese and the eggs, I had eggs commodore (eggs benedict but with sausage) and we shared a kamikaze pancake (a multi-grain pancake with walnuts, bananas and blueberries, I wish they put the fruit in the pancake instead of on top). I doused everything in Chilula hot sauce. My problem with Chilula is that I want to call it Cthulhu and I am afraid that one day I will accidentally ask for it and they’ll bring me a bottle stuffed with the tentacled lord of evil.
And that would totally suck.
After brunch we met up with David’s friend, Kasey, and I learned to play canasta and I won! I only won because I have beginners luck, I always do well the first time I try something and then get worse at it. It was fun to learn, though.
Took the dogs to the dog park, but the ground has turned into one unending sheet of ice. There is no where you can walk there that is not completely slick and dangerous. We only stayed about 20 minutes, but it was enough to knock Ghengis out. We kept Maddie on the leash this time so we could keep her out of trouble. This worked out fine until I was too far away from her and David so she pulled her head out of her collar so she could run to me and be at my side. There was also a huskie there, not the same one involved in the previous fracas, but Ghengis seemed to remember it was a huskie and decided he was gonna bark and show him how tough he was. Try keeping dogs apart and behaved on a sheet of ice! Luckily, Ghengis just wanted to bark and not fight.
I started the scarf, the big scarf project. I really want this to turn out well, I got nice yarn in a great color but now I don’t think I like the pattern so much. I’m about 10 inches into it and it’s just not as nice as i would have liked. I’m going to grab another ball of yarn and start on another pattern and see if I like that better. I’m going to have to pull out this one I’ve already done anyway, I made a big mistake at the beginning and the farther along I get the more glaringly obvious it is. I mean I always make a mistake in my work and usually I don’t mind, they add character, but this one is actually affecting the way it lays down. Crap.
Aw well, such is the life of a crocheter. or something.
I’m gonna go make some molasses oat bread so we can eat muscadine jelly with it. Yum.

How tough are you now

Oh, where’s the grey hair now? Where is it? Where did it go? There’s no grey hair anymore, oh no! My hair’s not grey, my hair is bright pink and blonde. Fuck you, grey hair! Fuck you in your tarty, maligned, treason-y ass!
SO I gave my hair a break and didn’t dye it for a while. Actually, I hadn’t dyed it since the party in august when it was blue. So I dyed it pink. You know what? I need to stick with pink. It’s my color. It suits my skin and my eyes. It’s super cute in the cutest way possible. It’s bright pink but it will fade a bit and become a nice bright, cotton candy pink and stay that way for a while.
I got the complete first season of Spongebob Squarepants last night! Thanks, mom! I watched tons of spongebob and dyed my hair and ate popcorn with butter and Franks Hot Sauce. Try it, it’s good.
Today I need pancakes. I think I’ll go rouse the boy and go get some.
ps click the link to the party and look at the pictures. If you’ve been following the comments in the previous post, you will find pictures of Julie and know the absurdity of the entire situation!