How tough are you now

Oh, where’s the grey hair now? Where is it? Where did it go? There’s no grey hair anymore, oh no! My hair’s not grey, my hair is bright pink and blonde. Fuck you, grey hair! Fuck you in your tarty, maligned, treason-y ass!
SO I gave my hair a break and didn’t dye it for a while. Actually, I hadn’t dyed it since the party in august when it was blue. So I dyed it pink. You know what? I need to stick with pink. It’s my color. It suits my skin and my eyes. It’s super cute in the cutest way possible. It’s bright pink but it will fade a bit and become a nice bright, cotton candy pink and stay that way for a while.
I got the complete first season of Spongebob Squarepants last night! Thanks, mom! I watched tons of spongebob and dyed my hair and ate popcorn with butter and Franks Hot Sauce. Try it, it’s good.
Today I need pancakes. I think I’ll go rouse the boy and go get some.
ps click the link to the party and look at the pictures. If you’ve been following the comments in the previous post, you will find pictures of Julie and know the absurdity of the entire situation!