I’m totally a nerd. You know what I have been doing for the last 4 days? Listening to the senate confirmation hearings for Alito. The best part is that whenever I have questions I email Alex and he sends me answers and explanations and historical perspective.
I swear to god he’s one of the best informed people when it comes to shit like this!
2 conclusions I have reached in this? 1) Our senate is made up entirely of slack jawed tardballs who focus on the wrong things and freak out about nothing. Sure, we can all be upset about the glass in the road but EVERYBODY SEEMS TO NOT SEE THE GREAT BIG CAR CRASH THAT MADE THE GLASS. and 2) Alito is one slippery motherfucker. The man is entirely incapable of actually answering a question. He responds with a lot of words, I think he fucked thesauruses in a former life or something, but he can not address an issue. If they asked him about the previously mentioned glass in the road he would tell you the history of glass making and how it might affect his decision on it’s origin.
I hate them all and I am slowly losing faith in the ideal of the government.
The funny thing? Ted Kennedy sounds exactly like the joke parody accents of him. The man’s a fucking rumball!
This week I learned about stare decisis and unitary executive doctrine. I should be great fun at the next party.