The must always be a downside

The problem with loving to cook is that it messes up the kitchen and I must clean again before I can cook again. Though, to be honest, I’ve been so uninspired lately I don’t even feel like cooking but everything needs to be cleaned and put away and so that and laundry, those are my tasks. Then maybe some dinner.
The problem with crocheting is that the yarn cost so very much. Certainly, you can buy cheap yarn, but…eeeuw, you can tell. I’m starting a crochet class tomorrow, not that I need much in the way of instruction but I absolutely need to start getting out of the house in the winter. I get so insular in the dark of winter and it makes me crazy. SO i figure I’ll take this class, it’s something I know I’m pretty good at so I don’t have to worry about feeling stupid or discouraged and it’s not really a class anyway, more of a get together of old lady crocheters giving advice. I like the old lady aspect of it all, just low key and comfortable.
The problem with giving the dog toys that he loves it that he shows his love for the toys by tearing them open and pulling the guts out. I’m hardly one to tell my dog how to play with his toys, they’re his and he can do as he pleases with them. Sadly, he doesn’t really understand the concept of cleaning up after himself. Aw well, if that’s the worst downside of it all, then I’m not doing too bad.
Actually, there’s Maddie’s face, that’s gonna be an issue. The cuts are mostly superficial and they’ll heal in time. I spent some time on the phone with the vet and we tried to figure out if this was an issue that can be handled with more obedience training, or does she need a behaviorist or do we just not introduce her to situations that we know are going to set her off? It’s a tough call. Anyone who spends 2 minutes with Maddie knows she is the sweetest little dog in the world, I know she would follow me into hell if I had to go (ghengis, not so much, he’d stand at the edge of hell and watch me go then go find a stinky dinosaur). She’s loyal and sweet and protective, but she’s also a thug and she’s going to get seriously hurt someday.
So, I’ve got dishes to do and chicken to cook up and laundry to fold. Exciting? oh yeah.